All Fired Up – Visiting the Los Angeles Fire Department Museum

When you think of visiting Hollywood what comes to mind? Theaters, movie studios, tourist traps…How bout a historic firehouse filled with artifacts from LA’s fire department? Because that’s what you’ll find smack dab in the middle of Tinseltown. It’s called the Los Angeles Fire Department Museum and it is a hidden gem.
Housed in a historic firehouse built in 1930 the museum is chock full of amazing finds. How are these to start?
Isn’t there just something special about old fire trucks (and ambulances)? And check out this detail.
Modern day ambulances should be so lucky to be built with such care.

The museum doesn’t only house old vehicles – the upstairs is filled with a humongous variety of fire department related items. Interested in history? Here’s a few examples.

Or how about pop culture?

Or fire safety?


Or one of your favorite actors posing with members of LA’s finest?

Can you find Buster?

Ok, that last one might have been just for me. But you catch my drift…the fire department museum has something for everyone. And if you’re a little one you might just leave with your very own fire helmet.

When I visited it was staffed by some of the nicest volunteers I have ever had the pleasure of running into. They asked me to spread the word on their wonderful museum. They love it very much and want to share it with you. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Hollywood and check it out! No excuses because admission is free!

Los Angeles Fire Department Museum 
1355 N. Cahuenga Blvd.
Hollywood, CA  90028
open Saturday 10-4
admission is free!

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  1. Jim Connelly May 31, 2016 at 6:47 pm

    What a great example of keeping the fire service tradition alive and well. It’s great not only for the firefighters, but also for the public to understand what a challenging job we have. And all that restored equipment is unbelievable. What a great asset to have for LA!

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