Attending Corks & Canvas at Anaheim GardenWalk

With all this rain we’ve been having it’s the perfect time to take on indoor activities. I’m always down for reading or a good puzzle or how about painting? I’m not much of an artist but when you add in alcohol I’m willing to give it a whirl. So when I was invited to attend Corks & Canvas, which pairs wine drinking and a painting class, at Fire & Ice at Anaheim GardenWalk I was totally in.

I grabbed my good friend, Rito, and we headed to GardenWalk on a particularly rainy night. I was unfamiliar with the location, Fire & Ice, but he was already a big fan. Located at the top level of the center near the soon to open House of Blues it’s an interesting concept offering a buffet of raw proteins and veggies that you choose to transform into your own unique dish. But on this night we weren’t there for the buffet, we were there to paint.

When we arrived our materials were ready at our stations – our canvas, brushes, paint palette and, most importantly, wine glasses were ready to go. Now, I’ve been to a wine and painting class in the past and this is the first time the wine has been included in the price. When you sign up for Corks & Canvas you receive two drink tickets AND appetizers. We didn’t even need to go to dinner beforehand!

Soon, it was time for class to begin and our instructor, Jan, had selected a beautiful sunset for us to paint.

I must admit that when I saw the picture I was pretty intimidated. It looked far too complex for my measly skills! But with Jan’s careful guidance I started to get the hang of it.

The sky and ocean began to come together. The shore and island slowly developed. And then came the palm trees. Oh brother. My initial try created objects that weren’t anything recognizable. Luckily, Jan came over and gave me a few quick pointers. I took them to heart and voila! There were palm trees!

I must admit I’m pretty proud of my piece. And I think Rito is proud of his, too.

Cork & Canvas was a truly fun way to spend the spend the evening. There was delicious wine, tasty bites and a super fun activity. When you consider that the $40 price tag is all inclusive it’s a pretty good deal, too! The next one is schedule for March 16 and I’m sure it will be a blast.

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