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It’s a New Year

Hellooooooo 2012! I am so not prepared for ya. But anywho…in the spirit of the New Year I thought I’d share my resolution with y’all. *Ahem* In 2012 I resolve to blog, blog, blog. I will blog more frequently. I will blog more furiously (not […]

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Christmas Time Is Here

And clearly I’ve been distracted from the ole blog. It’s the holidays! What with the baking of the cookies, the wrapping of the presents, the trimming of the tree…finding bargains and posting them to the site has been far from my list of priorities. So, […]

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Peas Sir, May I Have Some More?

If I was poor Oliver Twist’s headmistress I would have gladly said “Of course, let’s put some meat on those bones.” But alas, I’m not a fictional character in Dickensian London.Oh well. Since we’re on the subject of poverty it’s a time for another Cheap […]

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