A Tribute to Eames at Gallery Nucleus

As a fan of all things Mid-Century I always get excited when there’s a new exhibit celebrating the era. So when I learned one of my favorite galleries’, Gallery Nucleus, new show would be a tribute to Charles and Ray Eames I made sure to make it to opening night. The Eames husband and wife […]

The Big Bang Theory Exhibit at Gallery Nucleus

Yup, that’s the portrait Amy gave Penny in a memorable episode. Nope, I didn’t sneak on the studio lot to see it. It’s actually on view for the public to see at the latest exhibition at Gallery Nucleus –  The Physics of Friendship: A Tribute to Big Bang Theory. While there is memorabilia on display, […]

Boy Oh Boy Oh Banh Mi – Visiting Banh Mi My Tho

Don’t you just love it when you have a nice, filling lunch and it costs you less than $5 bucks? I know I do. And that’s just what I had the other day at one of my favorite sandwich spots – Banh Mi My Tho in Alhambra. Have you ever had a Banh Mi? If […]

A Frozen Fall Treat – Enjoying an Ice Cream Cone at Fosselman’s Ice Cream Company

Who says that ice cream is only a summer treat? I certainly don’t agree. I love ice cream any time of the year. Now, I know it helps that I live in SoCal where it’s sometimes 80 degrees on Christmas but I don’t think that should matter. When I lived in Indiana I would eat […]