Viewing Dressing Downton at Muzeo

I’ve long been a fan of period drama so back in 2011 when I heard a new show called Downton Abbey was coming to PBS I was completely on board. I watched the pilot and was immediately hooked and watched the first couple of seasons religiously but once Sybil kicked the bucket I was out.  […]

House of Blues Returns to Anaheim

Last year the House of Blues at Downtown Disney closed after 15 years leaving a hole in the Orange County music scene. For me the location was memorable as the first venue I attended a Jamie Cullen concert. Have you heard of him? He’s not that popular in America for some oddball reason. He sings […]

Attending Corks & Canvas at Anaheim GardenWalk

With all this rain we’ve been having it’s the perfect time to take on indoor activities. I’m always down for reading or a good puzzle or how about painting? I’m not much of an artist but when you add in alcohol I’m willing to give it a whirl. So when I was invited to attend […]

Holiday Model Trains Come to Muzeo

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Come on, sing with me! I love Christmas. It’s my very favorite holiday and and I try to make the most of it. It’s been a little harder this year since I’ve been under the weather but I’m still determined to have as much holiday spirit as […]

Attending Now Hear This and EW PopFest

Recently, I had a whirlwind weekend attending two local festivals (thanks to media passes) – Now Heart This in Anaheim and EW PopFest in LA. I had a fantastic time and couldn’t wait to write all about my adventure. Then I got sick. I was out of commission for almost two weeks (I even missed […]

This Weekend – EW PopFest and Now Hear This

I may frequently write about classic Hollywood but that doesn’t mean I’m stuck entirely in the past. I watch TV, go the movies and listen to podcasts like the best of them. So when I heard about two pop culture fests heading to the area I knew I had to go and this weekend I”m […]

Taking the Train to San Diego

As much as I explore Southern California one area that remains somewhat of a mystery is San Diego. Of course, I’ve hit all the biggies – Old Town, the zoo, etc. – but I’ve never had a chance to really get to know the region. Luckily, this weekend I had a good reason to visit- […]

Using the Going to Disneyland Guide

It’s no secret I love Disneyland. Growing up in Orange County I spent my formative years there and continue to visit it regularly. Although I pride myself on having a vast knowledge of the park I’m always open to new insights into the Happiest Place on Earth. While scrolling through Instagram one day I came […]

Christmas at Disney’s Grand Californian

In the past, my Christmas season would be a stress filled blur of constant shopping trips and trepidation over getting the perfect gift for everyone. The season would end and I would feel like it had never happened. One year I came to the realization that I was going about it all wrong. Christmastime shouldn’t […]

Visiting King Tut at Muzeo

Whenever I hear the name King Tut I immediately think of…Steve Martin. How can you not love his 1978 novelty hit? But seriously when I think of King Tut I think of this. I can’t help it. I love me some Sesame Street. In all seriousness Ernie WAS my first introduction to the famous pharaoh. […]