The 2017 TCM Film Festival

It’s no secret I love classic film and as a fan I’m lucky that the ultimate film lover’s event, the TCM Film Festival, is located right in my backyard. The only event that will get me to visit Hollywood four days in a row it’s filled with screenings, special presentations and lots of camaraderie amongst […]

An Evening With James Corden

A few years back there was a show called Pushing Daisies and I absolutely loved it. Imagine my delight when I discovered I could see the cast and crew in person at an event called the PaleyFest. Presented annually by the Paley Center for Media it celebrates television by offering intimate interviews with the people […]

Spotlight on Harold Lloyd’s Movie Crazy

I’ve got Harold Lloyd on the brain. Not only did we recently screen Safety Last! at Last Remaining Seats but yesterday I had to return the poor fellow to his granddaughter. I suppose that needs a bit explaining. Suzanne Lloyd was kind enough to share some artifacts for us to use for our screening including […]

Spotlight on Harold Lloyd’s The Freshman

Whoa boy, I’m not athletic. In grade school I tried. I played softball, volleyball, basketball and track. I signed up for little league. I had many a pizza party with my teammates. But I was never very good. By high school I figured it out and contented myself to more sedentary activities such as reading […]

Catching an Abbott and Costello Flick at the Crest Westwood

Sometimes I have to pinch myself to realize how lucky I am. As a classic film lover I happen to live in the perfect area to celebrate the Golden Age of Hollywood. Every week there are multiple screenings and my biggest issue is decided which one I’m going to see on a given night. I […]

An Evening With We Are Thomasse at iO West

I’ve always been a fan of a good comedy team. It started with Abbott and Costello and led to Hope and Crosby, Martin and Lewis, Key and Peele and several others along the way. Recently, I discovered a new duo – We are Thomasse. We Are Thomasse is a British American comedy duo made up […]

Watching The Unauthorized Musical Parody of The Devil Wears Prada

Word to the wise. When you park in a random lot make sure you don’t leave room for someone to park directly behind you. That way you won’t be stuck for two hours shivering in the cold hoping the owner of that dang Pathfinder would just show up so you can leave and catch a […]

Spotlight on The Lady Eve

When I heard about the “Try It, You’ll Like It!” Blogathon hosted by Sister Celluloid and Movies Silently I thought long and hard about what picture I would choose to introduce someone to classic film. There are tons that I love but not all of them have universal appeal. Then it hit me. How about […]

A Night with the Groundlings

I’m a huge comedy nerd. From classic comedians like Bob Hope and Abbott and Costello to modern funny men like Paul F. Tompkins and Jim Gaffigan I love it all. That being said I rarely see live comedy. I can’t do stand up (I get too embarrassed when someone bombs) but sketch and improv are […]

Spotlight on Plush Vamp

A few weeks ago I was at the Downtown Anaheim Art Crawl Experience. Side note: Have you been to Downtown Anaheim lately? Yowza. It’s turning into something pretty special with cool independent shops, restaurants, and the like. Anywho…so I was at the Art Crawl checking out the booths when I came across one that I […]