Watching Cabaret at Segerstrom Center for the Arts

Growing up I watched tons of musicals and would sing and dance along with Meet Me In St. Louis, Oklahoma, The Music Man and many more. As I grew older my love for the genre expanded to the theater. I remember a grade school field trip to the local high school production of Bye Bye […]

A Christmas Visit to Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Mine was as lovely as always. As is our tradition we went to an early morning Mass followed by exchanging presents. By midday we were relaxing and enjoying the presents left under the tree. We had an early dinner and spent the afternoon watching holiday flicks. After nightfall […]

Sidecar Doughnuts VS. Donut Bar

I’m not the biggest doughnut fan. In fact, for the longest time I couldn’t stand them. Then, they started going gourmet and what I previously found to be balls of grease turned into something delicious. Orange County is now home to multiple fancy doughnut shops with the two most popular being Sidecar Doughnuts in Costa […]

Shopping at Savory Spice Shop

Where would we be without spices? Living in a bland, bland world I’m sure. But luckily, there’s plenty to go around. And I’m pretty sure most of them are found at Savory Spice Shop. Savory Spice Shop is located in the fabulous OC Mix. As you know, it’s one of my favorite spots to visit […]

Having Dinner at Rance’s Chicago Pizza

It’s no secret I love pizza. I’ll go out of my way to get a good one and avoid most national chains. Recently I was invited to try Rance’s Chicago Pizza in Costa Mesa and happily made my way down there. I even brought along a pal with Chicago roots to see how it stacked […]

Shopping for Baking Supplies at Surfas Culinary District

Have you ever been to Surfas Culinary District? It’s a culinary supply store with locations in Culver City and Costa Mesa. It’s been around since 1937 and has everything under the sun when it comes to food and cooking. If you’re a fan of these things it’ll become your Mecca. I personally can’t get enough […]

Taking a Tea Class at Seventh Tea Bar

Now, I’ve already written about Seventh Tea Bar on this blog before. They’ve got delicious teas and goodies to enjoy. Well, recently they’ve added something new to the menu – tea classes. Since I’m a self diagnosed tea-aholic I made sure to sign up for Tea 101 hosted by Russell, the manager of Seventh Tea […]

Shopping at The Cellar Cheese Shop

Mmm…cheese. I love cheese. Soft, hard, mild, sharp…add a little cracker, a bit of smoked meat, maybe some jam or honey and whoa nelly! It’s a meal fit for a queen. Thank God the cheese shop has returned. Sorry, but grocery store cheese just doesn’t cut it (except for Fresh and Easy, I’ll give you […]

Enjoying a Cuppa at Seventh Tea Bar

Sometimes I think I was supposed to be born in England. I’m dying to go to London, have a thing for British film and telly, and can drink tea like there’s no tomorrow. Lucky for me, America’s enthusiasm for the drink seems to be on the rise and tea bars are cropping up all over […]

Taking the Sourcing Saturday Farmer’s Market Tour With Pirch

A few months ago when my fellow bloggers and I were touring the awesome SoCo in Costa Mesa I came across something fascinating. In the store Pirch (formerly Fixtures Living) we found a group of people cooking lots of delicious foods in one of the kitchen displays. I was floored when we were told they […]