Viewing Dressing Downton at Muzeo

I’ve long been a fan of period drama so back in 2011 when I heard a new show called Downton Abbey was coming to PBS I was completely on board. I watched the pilot and was immediately hooked and watched the first couple of seasons religiously but once Sybil kicked the bucket I was out.  […]

Viewing Costumes from TV at the FIDM Museum

One of my favorite Los Angeles hidden gems is the FIDM Museum. Located in the heart of Downtown LA on the FIDM campus it’s a treasure trove of beautiful vintage clothing and modern costume design. Every year I make an effort to visit their annual Art of Motion Picture exhibit that coincides with the Academy […]

Dapper Day Spring 2015

Oh Dapper Day! I’m so fond of you. You combine two of my favorite things – vintage fashion and Disneyland. Thank you for coming into my life. Even though I love Dapper Day this year was actually my first time back in 2 years. 2 years! Where did the time go??? On our last visit […]

Spotlight on Local Brand Manna Kadar Cosmetics

  disclosure: I was provided with free Manna Kadar cosmetics. All opinions are my own. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I love that through this column I’ve discovered so many wonderful brands based out of Southern California. I knew this area was a hotbed for ideas but I love seeing just […]

Dapper Day at Disneyland

So I rambled on and on about Dapper Day for a week on this here blog. Last Sunday the day finally came and off I went to Disneyland. You know how you can build up an event in your head and as the day grows closer you get more and more excited until you figure […]

Besame Mucho – A Visit To Besame Cosmetics

Happy Dapper Thursday! Sunday’s now closer than ever! One thing I knew I absolutely needed for Dapper Day was some red lipstick. It’s not something I wear everyday but I definitely wanted it for Sunday. Luckily, I knew of the perfect place to get it – Besame Cosmetics in Glendale. I first discovered the Besame […]

Visiting Elsewhere, Joyride, and Lost and Found Vintage

Happy Dapper Wednesday! I love vintage anything – films, clothing, music, housewares, collectibles…I could go on and on. So, when I heard about Dapper Day my first thought was about vintage dresses. Now, you don’t have to wear vintage and, honestly, I won’t be (it’s very, very hard to find my size in vintage togs) […]

It’s All About the Hair – A Visit To My Favorite Stylist

Happy Dapper Week everyone! Today it’s all about the hair. Ok, confession time. I am the worst when it comes to getting my hair done. Or just styling my hair in general. I wash my hair at night because I get up so dang early. In the morning I run the hot iron through it […]

Welcome To Dapper Week – A Countdown to Dapper Day

I am so excited for the weekend! Why? You ask. Because next Sunday is Dapper Day!!!! Dapper Day is an event where like minded lovers of dapper fashion descend upon Disneyland dressed to the nines. I’ve been wanting to go for awhile now and this Sunday it’s finally happening. So in honor of the day […]