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Spotlight on Dodge City

As much as I love classic film certain genres are hard for me to get into. Sci-fi, horror and war pictures tend to leave me cold and I have a hard time with westerns.  I’ve certainly seen my fair share of the latter. I grew […]

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Spending Time With Lucille Ball & Rodgers & Hammerstein

it may be spring but that doesn’t mean cold season is over. For the second time this year I was struck down and last week my brain was just too muddled to write. Instead I watched TV – lots of 30 Rock and British sitcoms […]

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Spotlight on Doris Day in The Thrill Of it All

Happy Birthday Doris Day! It thrills me to no end to be able to say that and know she could be reading it (no matter how unlikely it is). Today the fabulous Ms. Day is 96 and couldn’t look better. To celebrate I’m joining the […]

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Viewing The Art of the Movie Poster at LACMA

When it comes to classic film not all the artistry is limited to the screen. Just as today, a flurry of marketing materials accompanied a movie release but, unlike today, most of it was hand painted by a range of artists. Nowhere is this better […]

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Cecil B. DeMille and the Guadalupe Dunes

In 1923 Cecil B. DeMille, one of Hollywood’s leading directors, started work on his biblical epic, The Ten Commandments. A stickler for details he was hoping to film in Egypt but the idea was quickly axed by the studios. Instead they gave him a more […]

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Appreciating Albert Frey at Palm Springs Modernism Week

After the wonderful time I had last October at the Palm Springs Modernism Week preview I was ready to completely dive in to this year’s festivities. I envisioned days in Palm Springs soaking up mid-century modern goodness. Then I got sick. Ugh. Luckily, I managed […]

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