A Tribute to Eames at Gallery Nucleus

As a fan of all things Mid-Century I always get excited when there’s a new exhibit celebrating the era. So when I learned one of my favorite galleries’, Gallery Nucleus, new show would be a tribute to Charles and Ray Eames I made sure to make it to opening night. The Eames husband and wife […]

The Big Bang Theory Exhibit at Gallery Nucleus

Yup, that’s the portrait Amy gave Penny in a memorable episode. Nope, I didn’t sneak on the studio lot to see it. It’s actually on view for the public to see at the latest exhibition at Gallery Nucleus –  The Physics of Friendship: A Tribute to Big Bang Theory. While there is memorabilia on display, […]

Wild About Woody – Visiting The Humorist Exhibit at Gallery 1988

So last year I told you all about an art exhibit inspired by the fabulous Arrested Development (new season coming soon, squeeee!) at Gallery 1988 on Melrose. Well, Gallery 1988 has an additional location in Santa Monica and recently they held an exhibition called “The Humorist.” Now, who could that be dedicated to? Here’s a […]

Eh, What’s Up Doc? A Visit To the Chuck Jones Center For Creativity

So last week I told you all about my visit to The OC Mart Mix at SOCO. Well, today I’ve got another great spot at the very same complex! How bout that? The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity was founded by the man himself back in 1999 and just recently moved to its current location. […]

Visiting the Bluths at Gallery 1988

Arrested Development is one of those cult shows that I can actually say I loved from the beginning (as opposed to jumping on the bandwagon years after it went of the air. *cough* freaks and geeks *cough). So when I heard that Gallery 1988 was holding an exhibit of artwork inspired by the show called […]

Wonderground Art Scene – Visiting Disney’s Wonderground Gallery

I’m a total fan of indie craft fairs and have discovered so many talented artists through them. Especially print artists. I love the fabulous pictures they come up with and now own more prints than I have wall space. Recently, I found out that a couple of my favorite artists had been chosen for the […]

Seasonal Delight – Catching an Exhibit at The Loft at Liz’s

Fun Fact #1 – I’m an art history major. Fun Fact #2 – I do not work in the art industry. Oh yes, I am one of the many who have done nothing with their college degrees. But, just because I haven’t used it doesn’t mean that I still don’t appreciate art. I still love […]

Another Side Of Ansel Adams – Viewing an Exhibit at DRKRM

What do you think of when you think of Ansel Adams? I know I immediately see a black and white image of Half Dome, perhaps in a poster size, probably hanging in a dorm room…not to discount Mr. Adams’ skill. It’s a beautiful image, but it’s so ubiquitous now that I often neglect to see […]

Putterin’ to Palm Springs – A Bargain Excursion

Why hello dahlings! As you can see I’ve just been on an excursion in my motor car. Took a trip on down to the Springs. Why dahlings, it was hotter than Hades down there, pardon the expression, but I did manage to take a stroll on down the drive. Palm Canyon Drive that is. Whilst […]