Walking the Dominguez Gap Wetlands Project

It’s that time of year when I just want to be outside amongst nature. Luckily, we have an abundance of it in SoCal which never ceases to amaze me. Upon first glance it seems like all the natural landscape has been paved over but there’s actually plenty of it – even in the heart of […]

Earth Focus: Vanishing Coral Comes to KCET

There’s so many fascinating things to learn and discover on land that I often forget there’s an equally fascinating world underwater. Luckily, here in SoCal I’m never too far from the ocean and I have several opportunities to learn about its rich environment. Recently, I learned about the fascinating yet endangered world of coral reefs […]

Viewing The Maltese Falcon at The Art Theatre

Whenever I go to the movies I make a point of going to The Art Theatre in Long Beach. This Art Deco beauty dating to 1925 is independently owned and showcases a range of films. It could be an art film, a classic, an indie or even James Bond. Whenever it’s something I want to […]

Enjoying the Honey Lavender Grilled Pork Chop at Mimi’s Cafe

I love lavender. I love the smell of it, the look of it and the taste of it. I think it’s a most delicious herb and have tried it in numerous dishes including lavender beer (yum!), lavender sprinkled french fries (not so yum) and honey lavender ice cream (the best thing ever). So when I […]

An Afternoon at District Wine

Long Beach is a place ripe for exploring. A surprisingly large city that often gets overlooked thanks to its neighbor to the north it’s filled with hidden gems. Recently, I headed there with the International Food, Wine & Travel Writers Association for an afternoon of complimentary wine tasting at the charming District Wine. District Wine […]

The Queen Mary Celebrates Her 80th Anniversary

Being a fan of all things Deco I can’t help but be glad the Queen Mary found her permanent home in Long Beach. The famed ocean liner is the epitome of old school glamour and we’re lucky that it still exists today. This year is particularly celebratory as tomorrow, May 27th, 2016, marks the 80th […]

Viewing Fallujah by Long Beach Opera

Thanks to this blog I get to do a lot of fun things. I’m very lucky to live where I live and enjoy all the privilege that comes with it. But life isn’t always about fun and games. Recently, I was invited to be in the audience at a historic event – theĀ  world premier […]

Taking a Photography Class with Nikon School

Confession time: photography has never been my strong point. Entering college I harbored dreams of becoming a professional photographer but after one basics class realized it was much harder than I thought. If the camera phone hadn’t gained popularity I don’t know what I’d be doing now. You might be reading a blog containing crude […]

Dining at Chronic Tacos

Shopping at BAIT Footwear

I love vintage fashion but it doesn’t really love me and I can rarely find pieces in my size. Thanks to Mod Cloth and other online retailers I’ve managed to discover the world of vintage inspired fashion. Super cute, stylish and available in a wide range of sizes it’s allowed me to add several fun […]