The Wonderful Warner Grand

Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s the only movie theatre I knew was the multiplex. Either in a mall or surrounded by a giant parking lot it was a nondescript structure filled with identical black box theaters that often had sticky floors and dirty seats. Not until I became an adult and started to […]

Discovering The Deck at Hollywood & Highland

Back in April as I was rushing between screenings at TCM Film Fest I noticed something interesting at Hollywood & Highland. Just outside the TCL Chinese 6 Theatres was a new food court but instead of the usual fast casual chains it was populated by independent spots showcasing unique fair. I was curious but I […]

Everytable Opens in Santa Monica

Prior posts may suggest otherwise but I really do try to eat well most of the time. Of course, I love ice cream and cocktails and the occasional fast food but when I’m not out and about I’m keeping my meals on the healthy side. But sometimes it’s just a pain to cook and dining […]

Attending Papa Cristo’s Cooking Class

One of the best parts of the Los Angeles food scene is simply how varied it is. Think of any culture and, chances are, there will be a restaurant or market featuring it’s cuisine. For instance, Papa Cristo’s. Founded in 1948 it’s been serving LA’s Greek community (and those who just love Greek food) for […]

Snapshots of Hogsmeade

After reading all the books and watching all the films I anxiously awaited the opening of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios. Finally, the big day came and…I didn’t go. As much as I love me some Potter I really don’t like crowds. So I decided to wait until the furor died […]

CraftX Beer Subscription Launches in Los Angeles

In recent years the amount of craft breweries in Los Angeles has exploded. It seems no matter what city you’re in there’s a brewery nearby and, chances are, it’s beer is fantastic. You all know about my love for Angel City but I enjoy trying new places, too. With so many to choose from how […]

Strolling Through the Television Academy Sculpture Garden

I’ve always been a fan of television. As a kid I crushed on Jason Bateman in The Hogan Family, loved catching The Patty Duke Show on Nick and Nite and lived for TGIF and my three favorite shows Perfect Strangers, Family Matters and Full House. A few years back I stopped watching TV for awhile […]

An Afternoon at Masters of Taste

After I went on and on about Masters of Taste last month I couldn’t very well leave you hanging after the event. Recently, the big day came and it was wild and wonderful. It was my second time around and, now, its status as my favorite Los Angeles food event is firmly in place. For […]

Radiotopia Live in Los Angeles

Podcasts are a significant part of my daily life. I listed to them at work, in the car and sometimes fall asleep to them. My tastes vary from comedy to old time radio to history to in depth interviews and one of my favorite podcast networks is Radiotopia. Filled with an array of human interest […]

Catching the LEGO Americana Roadshow at Glendale Galleria

full disclosure: I received a gift bag when I attended this preview. All opinions are my own. As a kid I never could get into building things with LEGO bricks. I was too impatient to follow the directions and most of my creations tended to be…abstract. Despite this I’m endlessly fascinated with LEGO creations. Be […]