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Speedy Service! Breakfast at The Original Pantry Cafe

I love landmark restaurants. If a restaurant has been in business for 30+ years it’s a must visit for me. That being said, I must admit I had never eaten at The Original Pantry Cafe until recently. I know! How did I avoid it for […]

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A Free Lesson in History – Visiting the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

I’m a total museum junkie (if you haven’t already noticed). Big or little, archaic or up-to-date, near or far – if it’s a collection of objects housed in a public space I want to go to there. As there are more museums than I can […]

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A Farmer’s Market with a View – Shopping at Yamashiro Farmer’s Market

Nestled in the Hollywood Hills is Yamashiro Restaurant. Originally built as a Japanese style mansion in 1914 it has been a restaurant for thirty years (check out it’s history – pretty fascinating). Now, I’ve been wanting to try this place ever since I saw it […]

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I Saw Money, Lots and Lots of Money – Touring the Federal Reserve

Have you ever heard of Meetup? Essentially, it’s a website where you can join various groups of like minded people in your area. Say you like hiking. You can go to the website, join a hiking group, and meetup to hike various trails in your […]

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B-B-B-Banksy! Viewing Art in the Streets at The Geffen Contemporary

When I chose to major in art history I decided to focus on Renaissance and Baroque Art. I was alone in that as everyone else focused on Modern and Contemporary Art. I wasn’t being a rebel, I’ve just never been a fan of the modern […]

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Big Man After My Own Heart – Enjoying a Cupcake from Big Man Bakes

They say the cupcake craze is waning and I would have to agree. A couple of years ago I was excited to try all the different bakeries that were popping up like crazy but now…meh. That being said, there is one cupcake bakery that will […]

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