Enjoying the Unauthorized Musical Parody of Home Alone

It was the winter of 1990 and I was a bored preteen in Northern Indiana. One evening my mom took me to the twin cinemas at the mall and I settled down with my popcorn and red vines to watch a new release – Home Alone. I didn’t know anybody in it but it looked […]

Watching The Unauthorized Musical Parody of The Devil Wears Prada

Word to the wise. When you park in a random lot make sure you don’t leave room for someone to park directly behind you. That way you won’t be stuck for two hours shivering in the cold hoping the owner of that dang Pathfinder would just show up so you can leave and catch a […]

Dining at the Tam O’Shanter

I have a thing for landmark restaurants. You know the kind. They’ve been in business for ages, have signature menu items and often look just as they did when they opened. The Apple Pan, Philippe’s, Tom Bergin’s, Canters…I love them all. Long on my list of must visit spots has been the Tam O’Shanter. You […]

Perusing the Shelves at Skylight Books

The day I went to the dessert tasting at Ramekin I made sure to get there a bit early so I could stop by one of my favorite bookstores – Skylight Books. Skylight Books is a fun, independent bookstore in the heart of Los Feliz. They’ve got a great selection of bestsellers and unique titles. […]

Enjoying Dessert at Ramekin

Recently I was invited to attend a media tasting at Ramekin – a dessert cafe in the lovely area of Los Feliz. Now you know me and dessert so, of course, I went. And I took my #1 sister and fellow dessert lover, Shannon. Ramekin takes the same approach to dessert as a restaurant does […]

Tropicalia Treat – Happy Hour at Tropicalia Brazilian Grill

Who likes to eat dinner at a 50% discount? I do, I do! So where do I go? How bout Tropicalia Brazilian Grill in Los Feliz? A couple of weeks ago my friend and I met up for dinner and she suggested a restaurant where their menu items would be half off. What?!? How is […]