Watching Eastside Heartbeats

Confession time. Until last Saturday I had never visited Boyle Heights. I know, I know. It’s a huge part of Los Angeles and essential to any true lover of the city. Well, I did finally make it thanks to the musical Eastside Heartbeats. Eastside Heartbeats is an original musical from playwright Tom Waldman and lyricist […]

Denis Matsuev at Royce Hall

My last visit to Royce Hall on the UCLA campus was a few years ago for the annual Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra silent film gala. It was a wonderful event and I knew I would return but I didn’t know it would take so long. Last Friday I finally had a chance to revisit the […]

A Duo of Upcoming Musical Events

I love wandering around the Southland discovering things and sharing them with you but sometimes I feel a little bad posting about and events that are done and gone. So today I have a special treat with a couple of upcoming musical events. I’m attending both and am pretty excited. Hopefully, you’ll be, too. On […]

An Evening With Pokey Lafarge and Dan Tana

One day I was tuning into Fresh Air and Terri Gross was interviewing someone I had never heard of – the musician Pokey Lafarge. Instead of turning it off I was intrigued. Fresh Air has a tendency to introduce me to new topics (sometimes pleasant sometimes unpleasant) and I’ve learned to keep an open mind. […]

An Evening with the Vintage Masters of Swing

Sing, sing, sing sing everybody start to sing… Although the heyday of Benny Goodman and his compatriots was long before my time I was lucky enough to grow up in a family with a strong appreciation of the music of the era. Glen Miller, Kay Kyser, Artie Shaw and many others have long been part […]

My Inheritance Tracks

Many people find the New Year to be a time for reflection. A time to look back on the previous year and contemplate what the next one holds. I must admit I’m no different. At this time of year I find myself reviewing my 2014 endeavors. I had my fair share of accomplishments and some […]

Scoring Concert Tickets on ScoreBig

Gather round folks while I tell you a story. One a upon a time this very gal use to hit up shows on a regular basis. Arcade Fire, Bob Dylan, Modest Mouse…no act would escape her grasp (except for Radiohead…dang, those tickets sell out fast!). But then she got older…a little wiser…and a whole lot […]

Classic Hollywood from A to Z: G is for George Gershwin

George Gershwin is one of those composers who’s work is continually used in film to this day. Just looking at his IMDB profile is enough to send one’s head spinning – 479 credits and counting! Not bad for someone who’s been dead for almost 80 years. Although his music is still widely in circulation how […]

Viewing Songs in the Key of LA at the Central Library

The Central Library is one of my favorite places in all of Los Angeles. Not only is it a beautiful repository for the written word but it also houses an exhibit space where I’ve seen many interesting displays. Their current exhibit, Songs in the Key of LA is one of my favorites. This sheet music […]

Visiting the Hollywood Bowl Museum

Recently I made my summer trek to the Hollywood Bowl to see Pink Martini in concert. Now there’s not much point in writing a post about my visit because it’s such an institution that I’d just be preaching to the choir. It would be like recommending a trip to Radio City Music Hall if this […]