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Lions and Tigers and…Cheese? A Day At the LA Zoo With Tillamook Cheese

Last Saturday I went somewhere for the first time. Somewhere pretty obvious but in all my years in SoCal I had somehow never visited. I went to the Los Angeles Zoo. I know? Right? How did I never get there before? Beats me. But I […]

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Strolling Down a Secret Path in Seal Beach

Hi guys! I’m back! Did ya miss me? What am I saying? Of course you did! I’m Bailey! All joking aside, have I got a great place for you today. So, a couple of weeks ago Melanie and I headed to the park. We were […]

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Bailey On the Back Bay

 Oh, hello there! I didn’t see you as I was too distracted by the view ahead of me. Lovely, isn’t it? Well, I’m happy to be back with another guest post. If you don’t remember me, my name is Bailey and I’m one of Melanie’s […]

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Paws Up For Peters Canyon

Why Hello again? Long time no see. I’m so happy that Melanie is letting me guest post again cus I’ve got another great park to recommend to y’all…Peters Canyon. Peters Canyon is a regional park that straddles the cities of Tustin and Orange in Orange […]

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Dog Day Afternoon – Walking in Harriet M. Wieder Regional Park

Hello! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Bailey. I’m a good friend of Melanie’s and often accompany her on her adventures. Since she still hasn’t gotten over the excitement of Sherlock’s return (It’s finally back after 18 months! I love you Dr. Watson! […]

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A Bird In the Hand…Viewing Specimens at the Moore Laboratory of Zoology

I suppose I should insert a pun here but I don’t really feel like it. I’m just feeling too bird brained today. Hyuck, hyuck, hyuck. So, I don’t know if you heard, but last Saturday was Obscura Day. It’s a worldwide celebration of… well…obscurity. Basically […]

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