An Afternoon at Masters of Taste

After I went on and on about Masters of Taste last month I couldn’t very well leave you hanging after the event. Recently, the big day came and it was wild and wonderful. It was my second time around and, now, its status as my favorite Los Angeles food event is firmly in place. For […]

Masters of Taste Returns to the Rose Bowl

About a year ago I was lucky enough to attend the inaugural Masters of Taste at the Rose Bowl. Featuring food and drink from some of the top restaurants in Los Angeles it was a delightful way to spend a Sunday afternoon and I indulged in cocktails and canapes to my hearts content. Here’s a […]

Dining at The Raymond 1886

When it’s cold and rainy outside the perfect place to be is tucked in a cozy cottage with a roaring fire. Last night I experienced just that when I dined at The Raymond 1886. The Raymond is tucked inside a classic Craftsman bungalow just off Fair Oaks in Pasadena. Previously, I’d visited their hidden Bar […]

Dining at Magnolia House

It’s 2016! Can you believe it? To close out 2015 I stuck to my plan of staying home in my pj’s and, boy, did I enjoy it. So much so that I kept it low key the entire holiday weekend. Visited family, did some bargain shopping, played a little Boggle…it was pretty swell. Now, I’m […]

Fine Dining at the Rose Bowl

I’ve been to the Rose Bowl twice and neither time to was to see a game or concert. My first visit was to the inaugural LA Street Food Fest where I managed to sample lots of items, wait in long lines and, somehow, spend $75 on Bliss beauty products. Still don’t know how that last […]

Strolling through Pawnee…er…Pasadena

It’s no secret I love Parks and Recreation. Way back when I even had a whole post devoted to it. One of the things I love about the show is the quirky town of Pawnee. It’s filled with kooky inhabitants, hordes of racoons, and, inexplicably, the most beautiful city hall building. And the photo of […]

Visiting the Pasadena Museum of California Art

Recently I told you about my visit to the Pacific Asia Museum. Well, just across the parking lot is another exhibition space – Pasadena Museum of California Art. I, of course, had to check it out. According to their mission statement the museum is “dedicated to the exhibition of California art, architecture, and design from […]

Visiting the Pacific Asia Museum

I love museums and visit them whenever I can. Yet, there’s always museums in the area that I haven’t been to. The USC Pacific Asia Museum was one such place. I was aware of it. I’d even driven by. But I had never stopped in. Until this week. The Pacific Asia Museum is located in […]

Enjoying Carmela Ice Cream

Carmela is one of those places that I’d been meaning to write about forever but somehow hadn’t. Part of the reason was their location is in a part of Pasadena that I rarely venture to. But then something wonderful happened. They opened a second location! And it’s right in the heart of Los Angeles on […]

Taking The Gamble House “Upstairs-Downstairs” Tour

The Gamble House has long been a favorite of mine. This perfectly preserved Arts and Crafts gem in the heart of Pasadena is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited and I consider it one of the “must see” sites in the Los Angeles area. Recently I was informed that the home […]