Spending the Day in Redlands, CA

Some of my favorite adventures are the ones that happen by accident. Take this past Saturday. My mom, Shannon and I were headed into the Inland Empire with a final destination of Cherry Valley and possibly, Idyllwild. Heading down the 10 freeway we came upon Redlands, CA and agreed we’d been meaning to visit for […]

Exploring Santa Fe History

When I travel I long to explore the museums and historic sites of the area. In Santa Fe, I hit the mother load. The city is filled with history and I had ample opportunity for exploration. In fact, there was so much that I couldn’t see it all in one visit. I guess I’ll just […]

Searching for Poppies with Net Effects Traders

Every year when Spring comes around I think “I should go see the poppies.” The official state flower blooms for a brief period and there are certain locations where they thrive. Unfortunately, none are within 2 hours of where I live so I usually end up missing the bloom. This year, I was determined to […]

Dining in Santa Fe

Santa Fe is a town with a strong cultural heritage. It’s home to several historic sites both sacred and secular, a thriving artistic community and a rich food and drink scene. Before visiting I was well aware of the historic and artistic elements of Santa Fe but had no knowledge of it’s culinary scene. After […]

Seeking out the Sacred in Santa Fe

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday, one of the most important holidays in the Christian faith. Having been raised Catholic the holiday and the preceding Lenten season has always had a significance for my family. A period of reflection followed by a day of celebration was one of the cornerstones of my upbringing. How fitting that this […]

A Lovely Stay in Santa Fe at the Inn on the Alameda

After returning from my weekend in Yuma I settled down to rest…for two days and then I headed back east to the Land of Enchantment – New Mexico. My destination was Santa Fe to enjoy a a short visit with my aunt. This was to be a personal vacation but I was able to work […]

Visiting California Citrus State Historic Park

Riverside is a place I haven’t explored enough. Aside from the Mission Inn most of my view of the city has been from the car window as I’m hauling down the 91 freeway. Recently, I was doing just that when I headed to Palm Springs for Modernism Week. As I zipped along I saw the […]

Exploring Yuma History

You may have noticed that I cover a lot of historic sites on the blog. I can’t help it, I’m fascinated with the history of the area. I feel the same way when I travel and want to know all about my destination’s past. Little did I know that when I traveled to Arizona with […]

Dining in Yuma, AZ

When I travel one of my favorite things is to try local dining establishments. Who wants to eat at a chain when you can do that at home? Luckily, on my recent International Food, Wine and Travel Writers Association press trip to Yuma I was lucky enough to enjoy a variety of local spots. On […]

History and Hospitality in Yuma, AZ

Recently, I was lucky enough to join a group of friends from the International Food, Wine & Travel Associate on a press visit to Yuma, Arizona. We were invited by Yuma tourism to spend a weekend in the area. Having never visited I was excited to spend the time exploring the food, history and culture […]