Exploring Lompoc, CA

When I recently attended Wine & Fire it was my first visit to Lompoc. Long familiar with the Santa Ynez Valley I somehow had never wandered west to explorer the historic town just over the Santa Rita Hills. I aimed immediately to remedy that and any moment I had free from the festival I used […]

Attending Wine & Fire in Lompoc

One of my absolute favorite spots in California is the Santa Ynez Valley. With rolling hills, fields of agriculture and quaint towns it’s the perfect place to spend the weekend. Nestled in the adjoining Santa Rita Hills is the town of Lompoc. Even thought it’s a mere 20 minute drive to Solvang, Los Alamos and […]

Picking Berries at Summerset Farm

Last year when I wrote about my visit to the Santa Ynez Valley I briefly mentioned Summerset Farm in my Los Olivos post. But, I think the place is so wonderful that it’s deserving of it’s own post. By chance, we happened to visit Santa Ynez this year during one of their hottest weekends and […]

Having Dinner at Full of Life Flatbread

On of my favorite places in the Santa Ynez valley is the town of Los Alamos. This old fashioned spot is home to some of the best food in Southern California (hello Bell Street Farm!). One place I’d been dying to try is Full of Life Flatbread Pizza. Full of Life Flatbread Pizza produces frozen […]

Eating at Bell Street Farm in Los Alamos, CA

Hello and welcome to Day 1 of the LA Explorer Road Trip! Recently, I traveled up the coast to San Francisco and visited so many wonderful places that I just have to share them with you. So, for the next week or two I’ll be posting about awesome things to do outside of LA. Today, […]

Simply Santa Ynez

Well my friends, we’ve come to the end. It’s been a long journey, we’ve seen some great sites, and now it’s time to say good-bye to the Santa Ynez Valley. I can think of no better to town to end our journey in than the its namesake town of Santa Ynez. Santa Ynez is a […]

Laid Back Los Alamos

So, did you miss me? Anyway, here we are entering day three of Santa Ynez Valley Week! The town I’m telling you about today was one of the highlights of the trip although it was definitely the smallest place we visited. But as they say, big things come in small packages. So without further adieu […]

Lovely Los Olivos

In continuing our tour through the Santa Ynez valley we are now stopping in the lovely town of Los Olivos. Los Olivos was founded in the late 1800’s and was a stop on the Overland Coast Stagecoach route. Now the quaint town is know for being the center of a wine producing region. Ever seen […]

Sojourn to Solvang

  You may have noticed that I haven’t blogged since last Wednesday. I have a perfectly good explanation for that. I was on VACATION! Yay! My family and I took a little trip to the Santa Ynez Valley – an agriculturally rich area just north of Santa Barbara. We had an awesome time and saw […]