Wine Tasting at The Meat House

It’s funny how the world works. Once upon a time butcher shops were everywhere and it was the only way to purchase meat. Then came the supermarkets and everyone started buying their meat pre-packaged. Now, the butcher shop is back. It may not be as prolific as it once was but it’s increasingly becoming the […]

Spotlight on Plush Vamp

A few weeks ago I was at the Downtown Anaheim Art Crawl Experience. Side note: Have you been to Downtown Anaheim lately? Yowza. It’s turning into something pretty special with cool independent shops, restaurants, and the like. Anywho…so I was at the Art Crawl checking out the booths when I came across one that I […]

Shopping at The Cellar Cheese Shop

Mmm…cheese. I love cheese. Soft, hard, mild, sharp…add a little cracker, a bit of smoked meat, maybe some jam or honey and whoa nelly! It’s a meal fit for a queen. Thank God the cheese shop has returned. Sorry, but grocery store cheese just doesn’t cut it (except for Fresh and Easy, I’ll give you […]

Having a Drink at Buzz Wine Beer Shop

Isn’t it just the best when you try things on a whim? I love discovering new things by chance. And that’s exactly what happened when I discovered Buzz Wine Beer Shop. My pals and I were hanging out in Downtown LA when we decided to stop in and take a look around. We discovered a […]

Spotlight on Local Brand Manna Kadar Cosmetics

  disclosure: I was provided with free Manna Kadar cosmetics. All opinions are my own. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I love that through this column I’ve discovered so many wonderful brands based out of Southern California. I knew this area was a hotbed for ideas but I love seeing just […]

Made by DWC – A Place for the Perfect Holiday Present

For the past few years when it came to Christmas shopping I fell into the Amazon trap. It’s so quick and convenient and cheap! How could I not take advantage of it? But then my thoughts started to change. What about the little guy? What about the local business that I love so much and […]

Local Spotlight – Bungalow 360

The Local Spotlight is back, hooray! And today I’m bringing you one of the best brands yet – Bungalow 360. Bungalow 360 is a Southern California brand that creates some of the cutest bags and accessories I’ve ever seen. Recently, they sent me a couple to check out and I was over the moon when […]

Poketo – A Unique Place to Shop

So yesterday was the LA Conservancy Arts District tour and I had a great time. I hit a couple of stops (hello Biscuit Lofts!) and spent the afternoon monitoring the line at 810 3rd Street. I met a lot of nice folks and was constantly reminded that we SoCal residents are one friendly bunch.  But, […]

Gallery 1988 Releases Crazy 4 Cult 2

It’s no secret that I love Gallery 1988. I’m a pop culture nut and I love visiting their exhibits centered around some of my favorite people and  things like Arrested Development, Steve Martin, Bill Murray and Woody Allen films.  Recently, I was given a preview copy of a new book from the folks behind Gallery […]

Spending Hours at Book Soup

Yup, that’s hours up there. Every time I visit Book Soup I feed the meter for 2 hours and every time I leave it’s close to expiring. I’m a bookstore addict and I’m not afraid to admit it. Like Skylight Books, Book Soup is an independent Los Angeles bookstore. Actually, it’s more than that. It’s […]