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Wine Tasting at The Meat House

It’s funny how the world works. Once upon a time butcher shops were everywhere and it was the only way to purchase meat. Then came the supermarkets and everyone started buying their meat pre-packaged. Now, the butcher shop is back. It may not be as […]

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Spotlight on Plush Vamp

A few weeks ago I was at the Downtown Anaheim Art Crawl Experience. Side note: Have you been to Downtown Anaheim lately? Yowza. It’s turning into something pretty special with cool independent shops, restaurants, and the like. Anywho…so I was at the Art Crawl checking […]

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Shopping at The Cellar Cheese Shop

Mmm…cheese. I love cheese. Soft, hard, mild, sharp…add a little cracker, a bit of smoked meat, maybe some jam or honey and whoa nelly! It’s a meal fit for a queen. Thank God the cheese shop has returned. Sorry, but grocery store cheese just doesn’t […]

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