Searching for Poppies with Net Effects Traders

Every year when Spring comes around I think “I should go see the poppies.” The official state flower blooms for a brief period and there are certain locations where they thrive. Unfortunately, none are within 2 hours of where I live so I usually end up missing the bloom. This year, I was determined to […]

It’s a Peeps-a-licious! Cookbook + Giveaway

Happy Easter! In my house we always celebrate with a nice meal and an array of desserts all made by my¬† sister, Shannon. She’s a fantastic baker and I’m pretty spoiled by all the treats she makes. Usually, I contribute by washing all the dishes but this year I decided to make a desert of […]

Sampling the Season at Melissa’s Produce

I’ve long followed Melissa’s Produce on Instagram and their posts are simply mouthwatering. From exotic fruit to heirloom vegetables they showcase an array of delicious bites. So when they invited me to sample their seasonal offerings at their headquarters in Vernon I was over the moon. Finally, I would get to experience first hand the […]

Visiting Orchard Supply Hardware in Lakewood

full disclosure: I attended a media event at Orchard Supply Hardware and received a gift bag. All opinions are my own. About a year ago I previewed a new Orchard Supply Hardware in Cerritos which marked the San Jose based company’s return to the area. Well, I’m happy to report the return was a success […]

Sampling Angel City Double IPA

It’s no secret that I love Angel City Brewery. With their historic public house, their cheerful customer service and their cozy atmosphere it’s one of my favorite spots downtown. And the beer ain’t so bad, either. Every quarter, Angel City releases a limited edition beer that’s just a bit more unique than their year round […]

Entertaining with New York Style Pita Chips and More

New Year’s Eve is coming up and I have big plans. After work I’m going to rush home, grab my pajamas and relax. I’m just not a going out on the last night of the year kind of gal. I prefer to be comfy in my own home with a glass of champagne and Times […]

Shopping at Bauer Pottery

Most days I watch what I spend. Living in Southern California is pricey and every penny counts. That being said there are some things I don’t mind dropping some cash on. When it comes to high quality, US manufactured items I’ll pay the higher price anytime. Heath Ceramics. Pendleton blankets. Besame Cosmetics. Bauer Pottery. Bauer […]

Reading The Snoopy Treasures

This holiday weekend has been quite the lazy one for me. After working 12+ hours days prior to Thanksgiving I’ve spent the time after relaxing. Catching up on the DVR, listening to podcasts and reading books has been the bulk of my activity. One book I was happy to finally dive into was the The […]

Shopping at The Shag Store Melrose

It’s no secret I’m a big Shag fan. I may have already written about him once…twice…maybe three times. I can’t help it. The man does good work. Needless to say I was pretty darn excited when I heard The Shag Store was opening a second location on Melrose Avenue. No longer would I have to […]

A Visit to Wheel House Cheese

One of my favorite meals is a meat and cheese platter. Mmmm…if there were no consequences to excessive consumption of the two I’d have it all the time. A little prosciutto here a dab of d’Affinois there throw in a couple of Marcona almonds and a drizzle of honey and you’ve got one happy gal. […]