Earth Focus: Vanishing Coral Comes to KCET

There’s so many fascinating things to learn and discover on land that I often forget there’s an equally fascinating world underwater. Luckily, here in SoCal I’m never too far from the ocean and I have several opportunities to learn about its rich environment. Recently, I learned about the fascinating yet endangered world of coral reefs […]

Viewing Dressing Downton at Muzeo

I’ve long been a fan of period drama so back in 2011 when I heard a new show called Downton Abbey was coming to PBS I was completely on board. I watched the pilot and was immediately hooked and watched the first couple of seasons religiously but once Sybil kicked the bucket I was out.  […]

A Quiet Couple of Weeks + GIVEAWAY

A couple of weeks ago I went on some grand adventures and was so excited to share them with you. Then, as what often happens this time of year, I was struck down. Too sick to go anywhere I had to content myself with more sedentary activities and put the writing and exploring on hold. […]

Viewing “Hopscotch: An Opera for the 21st Century”

Almost a year ago I read about an interesting event happening in LA. It seemed there was an opera taking place in cars traveling around the city. I was completely intrigued but never got around to getting a ticket and before I knew it, it was over. Luckily, KCET picked up on the cultural significance […]

Viewing “Third LA with Architectural Critic Christopher Hawthorne”

Man, Artbound is killing it with the docs this season. Artesanos, Charles Lummis, Fallujah…so much good stuff. Last night the KCET series closed out the season with Third LA with Architectural Critic Christopher Hawthorne and I made sure to watch it. It’s no secret I’m fascinated with the city of Los Angeles. I love to […]

SoCal Connected Returns to KCET

Oftentimes people will ask me how I find out about all the places I explore in SoCal. Honestly, I can’t often remember what tangent has led me to a particular place but I do have certain staples that help keep me informed. LAVA. DeLab. Los Angeles Magazine. Huell Howser. SoCal Connected. SoCal Connected, the flagship […]

Attending the KCET Doc Martin Party

I’m a sucker for British TV and I’m not just talking Downtown Abbey. Whether it be comedy, drama or period piece I’m all for it. Spaced. Sherlock. The Office. Life on Mars. Broadchurch. Miranda. The Hour. Friday Night Dinner…I could go on and on. Recently, I was invited to attend the premier party for the […]

Strolling through Pawnee…er…Pasadena

It’s no secret I love Parks and Recreation. Way back when I even had a whole post devoted to it. One of the things I love about the show is the quirky town of Pawnee. It’s filled with kooky inhabitants, hordes of racoons, and, inexplicably, the most beautiful city hall building. And the photo of […]

The Big Bang Theory Exhibit at Gallery Nucleus

Yup, that’s the portrait Amy gave Penny in a memorable episode. Nope, I didn’t sneak on the studio lot to see it. It’s actually on view for the public to see at the latest exhibition at Gallery Nucleus –  The Physics of Friendship: A Tribute to Big Bang Theory. While there is memorabilia on display, […]

Lazy Sunday: Old Time Radio and Influenza – Listening to the Jack Benny Show While Sick In Bed

 Lazy Sunday – a weekly column where I discuss my favorite lazy day indulgences – movies, television shows, books and music. All this week I’ve been sick with the flu. Now I’m at the tail end of it – still tired, still weak, but itching to get back regular life. And that means back to […]