Mendocino Farms Opens at Whole Foods Market Tustin

A couple of years ago I was at an event that was catered by Mendocino Farms. I’d never tried it before but as soon as I bit into my sandwich I was hooked. It was so tasty and delicious that I started to visit the restaurants regularly. So when I heard they were partnering with […]

Visiting the Marconi Automotive Museum

After visiting the Automobile Driving Museum I had cars on the brain so I decided to see what other local exhibits I could find. This led me to the Marconi Automotive Museum – a hidden gem in Orange County.   This museum is nestled on a side street amidst businesses in an industrial area.  But […]

It’s All About the Hair – A Visit To My Favorite Stylist

Happy Dapper Week everyone! Today it’s all about the hair. Ok, confession time. I am the worst when it comes to getting my hair done. Or just styling my hair in general. I wash my hair at night because I get up so dang early. In the morning I run the hot iron through it […]

Delicious Del Tomate – Enjoying Argentinian Cuisine in Tustin

I must say that I’m so lucky to have a family that is very supportive of my blogging. Not only do they read my posts regularly but they also help me out in my research. Today’s discovery was found by my mom who noticed a review in the local paper. My aunt then accompanied me […]