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Oy vey. OY VEY. You may have noticed it’s been quiet around here lately. It’s not because I have nothing to write about. I have a TON to write about. There’s so much I want to share with you guys! Unfortunately, my computer decided to […]

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A New Year, A New Look

Notice anything different around here? Look up. A little higher…bingo. A new blog name. Whaddya think of that? Honestly, my old name had been eating at me for some time. Something didn’t feel right and it just didn’t seem like a good fit for what […]

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Ok, so you may have noticed some changes going on around here. Like the entire look of my blog, actually. As much as I loved the old design I knew I needed something fresh, something unique, something a bit more professional. And since I’m pretty […]

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Now Introducing…

Me! Recently I was nominated by the lovely Michelle from Tres Michelle for a Liebster Award. She came up with a few questions so I thought I would answer them and give you a little peek into my life. 1. What is your dream job? […]

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