Celebrating the Launch of Strawberry Gose at Angel City Brewery

Last week found me once again at one of my favorite spots in Downtown LA – Angel City Brewery. There may be tons of breweries popping up all over the area but none beat Angel City when it comes to atmosphere. Its public house is one of the most inviting spots in all of the city. Plus, their beer is delicious and on my visit we celebrated their latest offering – Strawberry Gose.


Every year Angel City holds a What Would You Brew? contest where members of the public are invited to create their own flavor. The lucky winner then has their beer brewed and served at the public house. Last year the contest resulted in Desert Dreams a delicious concoction made with fig, honey and sage.


This year’s winner, Wade, was inspired by his hometown of Ventura. Ventura county is filled with strawberry fields and Wade, a home brewer, decided the berry would pair nicely with a gose beer Since Ventura is on the coast he also added a dose of sea salt. Angel City loved this idea ran with it. They purchased fresh strawberries from Oxnard and had Wade assist them in brewing his concoction. The result is a light, tart beer with the subtle taste of strawberries. It’s the perfect beverage for a warm summer night and is already proving to be popular at the public house. It’s only available for a limited time so if you want to try it out head to Angel City ASAP.


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