Celebrating Modernism Week in Palm Springs

For years I’d been wanting to head to Palm Springs for Modernism Week, the famous 10 day celebration of all things Mid-century Modern. But as things go, I never made it. Until this year. Finally. FINALLY I went and it was wonderful.

Palm Springs Modernism Week

Due to a limited budget I was only able to spend a day attending the festivities but it was the perfect way to dip my toe in. Next year you can be sure I’ll be spending more time in this dessert oasis!

With my fabulous sister, Shannon, I started the day touring Frank Sinatra’s neighborhood. We’re both huge Sinatra fans and knew this was a must do event. We were lucky enough to have Roger Freeman as our guide as he wrote the very tour we were taking. The man knows his stuff! I think he was shocked that my sister and I, two of the youngest people on the tour, were so excited about the old stars homes. Cary Grant! Harold Lloyd! Jack Benny! We were drooling at them all.

Twin Palms Palm Springs
I’m at Frank’s house!
Darryl F. Zanuck Home
The gate was open at Darryl F. Zanuck’s house!

Cary Grant Home Palm Springs

After about two hours of hoofing it through the Movie Colony we took a lunch break at a tasty spot called Farm. We were so ravenous that neither one of us stopped to grab a picture of our food. Rest assured it was quite tasty.

We then headed on over to the Vintage Trailer show. I’ve long admired vintage trailers but this visited settled it. I’m getting one. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. Heck, maybe not in the next decade. But one day ONE DAY I will own one.

Vintage Trailer Show IMG_7412 (800x800) IMG_7410 (800x600) IMG_7407 (800x800) IMG_7406 (800x600) IMG_7400 (800x600) IMG_7399 (800x600)

Pretty snazzy, huh? Well, it get’s better. Check out the insides.

IMG_7405 (800x600) IMG_7398 (800x600) IMG_7404 (600x800)

And this is just a smidgen of the fabulousness I saw. Clearly, I was meant to own one, right?

Palm Springs Modernism Week was just as great as I thought it would be. I can’t wait until next year.

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