Checking Out the Camera Obscura in Santa Monica

Recently I was headed to a brunch in Santa Monica when I spotted this across the street.

I immediately noticed the fantastic mid century font on the building. “Camera Obscura,” I read. Holy cow! This was the Santa Monica camera obscura that I’d long read about but never came across. I immediately resolved to check it out after I ate.
camera obscura
Isn’t that sign fantastic!
To view the camera obscura you need to request a key from the community center next door. I asked the first person I saw and was given it right away. Then, I headed upstairs and entered the darkened room.
camera obscura
It’s funny how something so simple can produce results that are so fascinating. I could have stayed in there for quite awhile continually turning the wheel and marveling at the images but, alas, I had an appointment to meet.
So I said goodbye to the camera obscura making sure to take one last look at the fabulous signage.
Far out!
1450 Ocean Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90407

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