Dapper Day Spring 2015

Oh Dapper Day! I’m so fond of you. You combine two of my favorite things – vintage fashion and Disneyland. Thank you for coming into my life.

Even though I love Dapper Day this year was actually my first time back in 2 years. 2 years! Where did the time go???

Dapper Day Spring 2015

On our last visit (my companion is always my fabulous sister, Shannon), Dapper Day was a fairly minor affair. Sure there were a ton of people dressed up but there weren’t many events beyond the park. Not this time! This time there was an entire expo at the Grand Californian and even a scavenger hunt for my beloved Besame Cosmetics (I won, by the way).  Thank goodness for that because the weather was NOT cooperating. Rainy much of the day, we managed to spend a good chunk of our time inside in the expo. Super fun. There were tons of vendors selling everything from dresses to makeup to jewelry to I don’t know what. Love this addition to the event.

Dapper Day 2015

I didn’t end up taking any pictures at the expo so let’s move on, shall we? We spent a good deal of time at California Adventure as the atmosphere perfectly matched our attire. Rainy weather meant soup time so we grabbed lunch at the recently refurbished Boudin Bakery. Mmmmm.

Dapper Day Spring 2015

As you can see, it was a day for layers. Personally, I think the sweater on sweater look is really going to catch on.

Against our better judgment we decided to go on the Radiator Springs Racers. It’s one of our favorites but the line was an hour long! Oy. At least it left plenty of time for some fun photo ops.

Dapper Day 2015Dapper Day Spring 2015Soon it was time to head on over to Disneyland where we were able to catch the Flag Retreat. In all my years visiting the park I had never witnessed this ceremony. I must say, it brought a tear to my eye.

IMG_7511 (800x600) Disneyland

Main Street was also the perfect place for more photo opps. As you can see, Dapper Day is popular. Man was the park crowded! So much so that we never really made it past Main Street. We grabbed an ice cream at the Gibson Girl and then bid adieu to Dapper Day. See you in the fall!

IMG_7508 (600x800) IMG_7507 (600x800)


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