A Day at Dwell on Design

Thanks to attending Modernism Week in Palm Springs I find myself becoming more and more interested in design as a whole. Now that I think of it I may have always been this way. I WAS the only high school student I knew fascinated with the arts and crafts movement. Over the years my interests have evolved, or rather, multiplied. From Arts and Crafts to Art Nouveau to Art Deco to Mid-Century Modern I love it all. Recently, Dwell on Design, a design weekend organized by Dwell Magazine, returned to the LA Convention Center and I made sure to attend.

Dwell on Design brings together some of the leading innovators in the design world for a weekend tailor made for aficionados. There are exhibits, lectures and tours all focused on the latest design trends. This year I decided to dip my toe in and explore the exhibition hall.

After making the rounds one word drummed in my ears – tiny. The rising trend of compact living was featured in a big way from transportation to vacation to living spaces.

Now, I have mixed feelings about the whole tiny house movement but I couldn’t help but love the Happier Camper. These miniature travel and recreation trailers are cute as a button and I could definitely see myself towing one along.

I was already familiar with Autocamp, the Airstream resort with locations in Santa Barbara and the Russian River, but had never visited. At Dwell on Design they came to me and I was able to tour the accommodations offered.

The Airstreams are bright and modern and offer cozy lodgings. I’d be happy to spend a few days in one but wouldn’t want to share it with more than one other person – those are tight quarters! Autocamp also offers luxury tents for those not afraid of wild critters. As one who is averse to camping it’s not my cup of tea but they sure are cute.

As for permanent living, there were a few tiny homes on display including the funky Joshua Tree Tiny Home from Designer Kim Lewis.

Though only 560 square feet it felt much larger with it’s combination indoor/outdoor living. Decked out with the latest amenities I was quite impressed. This is a tiny home I would actually live in! Now, if I could just find the right piece of property…

Dwell on Design offered an interesting peek into the hot trends in the design world. Some I loved others not so much but it was endlessly fascinating to see what the creative mind can come up with. I wonder what next year will bring?


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