Dining at The Detour Bistro Bar

Culver City has long been one of my favorite towns in SoCal. Home to historic film studios, unique museums and delicious dessert spots it’s a fun place to spend some time. Recently, I spent a lovely evening in town attending a preview of new dining spot – The Detour Bistro Bar.

Founded by Ranni Kumgisky and Dane Pearson of Great Dane Catering and Events it’s an intimate dining spot on Washington Blvd. There’s a full bar and menu offering lunch, dinner and late night dining. On my visit I sidled up to the bar and ordered one of their house cocktails – the Honey Old Fashioned. Now, the Old Fashioned is my go to drink and this was a fantastic version. The honey syrup paired nicely with the whiskey and orange.

The Detour Bistro Bar

A sampling of the  menu was passed around and I enjoyed noshing on some of their signature bites.

The Detour Bistro and Bar

The Detour Bistro Bar places a strong emphasis on farm fresh ingredients and nearly every item is made in house. This, of course, makes for some delicious fare. My absolute favorite item was the shrimp taco.

Shrimp Taco - Detour Bistro Bar

So simple (just shrimp, cabbage and cilantro on a corn tortilla) yet so flavorful. The shrimp was generously coated in a spicy sweet sauce that was out of this world. I was also quite fond of the Yam and Brie Flatbread.

IMG_7850 (800x600)

Two of my favorite ingredients paired with some truffle oil atop freshly baked flatbread? So delicious!

With a daily happy hour from 3-7 I have a feeling I’ll have plenty of opportunities to indulge in these treats. I’m so looking forward to it!


The Detour Bistro Bar

12473 W. Washington Blvd.

Culver City, CA 90066


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