Dining at the Original Wienerschnitzel

After last week’s adventure at South Coast Botanic Garden it’s pretty fair to say I was quite hungry (and thirsty!) when I left. Luckily, I was near the original location of that famous hot dog stand, Wienerschnitzel, and I just happened to have on me a complimentary gift card to try out their new Chicken Schnitzel sandwich. After burning all those calories it was time for a little indulgence so I headed to Lomita to check them out.

As you may recall I visited this location once before when my friends and I had our fast food road trip. At the time, I only bought a bottle of water because..well…I don’t like hot dogs. I know, I know it’s practically unpatriotic but I’ve disliked them ever since I was a kid. As such, I’d never felt the need to visit Wienerschnitzel but now that chicken’s on the menu I figured it was finally time to sample it.

The limited Chicken Schnitzel debuted on May 1st with three different sandwich offerings – Classic Ranch, BBQ Bacon and Blazin’ Bacon Guacamole. On my visit I went for the latter and found the potato chip coated chicken patty topped with lettuce, tomato, bacon, guacamole and a spicy sauce. When I say spicy I mean spicy. My wimpy taste buds were taken by surprise but I did find it to be a flavorful filling sandwich. And how had I not tried Wienerschnitzel fries before? Pretty dang good!

Wienerschitzel is truly a SoCal icon and I’m glad I finally gave it a try. At the original location, no less! Next time I’m going to have those famous chili fries.

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