Discovering New Distilleries With Shots Box

Whenever I travel I like to stop by a local distillery and sample what they’re producing. As my time on the road has increased so has my liquor cabinet and I’ve discovered some true favorites like Krampus from Chuckanut Bay Distillery and Yippee-Ki-Yay from High West. But as craft spirits continue to increase in popularity the distilleries I want to visit continue to outnumber the ones I can actually get to. So when I was offered a complimentary Shots Box – featuring a variety of sample bottles from craft distillers – I eagerly accepted.

Based out of Orange County, Shots Box is a monthly subscription service that aims to connect craft distilleries with the general public. Each month, for a fee of $39.99 per box, you’ll receive 10 unique samples of spirits from around the country.

When my box arrived I couldn’t wait to open it and I was even more excited once I had. Inside I found 10 different liquors from 4 different distilleries, each paired with a unique recipe Ito make.

I was not familiar with any of the distilleries and was eager to start sampling. But where to begin? From Wild Rag Vodka out of Texas I had three different varieties to choose from including Texas Torch Cinnamon and Mesquite Bean. I have to admit I started it safe with their signature sugar cane vodka. I decided to use one of the included recipes and made The Last One Cocktail with lime and triple sec.

I used a bit too much simple syrup and it ended up too sweet but I’m eager to give it another go as the vodka itself was quite refreshing.

After that I moved on to Wood’s High Mountain Distillery of Colorado and tried two of their samples, Colorado Elderflower Liqueur and Treeline Gin, in another enclosed recipe called the Mountain Collins.

I absolutely loved this spin on a Tom Collins! The elderflower and lemon paired excellently with the gin and made a deliciously tart, botanical cocktail.

After two light drinks, it was time to move onto something a little heavier. This time I strayed from the recipes and instead used Kentucky’s Copper & Kings American Craft Brandy in an Old Fashioned.

Alone, I found the brandy a bit bitter but paired with orange and maraschino it went down nice and smooth. In fact, it’s the only bottle that I’ve completely finished!

Before I knew it I was down to my last distillery, Bozeman Spirits out of Montana. I was especially eager to try their Huckleberry Vodka so I decided to keep it simple and pair it with some ginger beer.

Now, I’m happy to mix pretty much any liquor with ginger beer but Huckleberry Vodka is especially tasty! One sip and I was back in Montana driving the open roads and enjoying the best of “Big Sky Country.”

Over the past week, I’ve enjoyed a variety of drinks with the samples from Shots Box and I’m only halfway through it! I’d say, at $39.99 per month, it’s a darn good bargain. If you want to order one for yourself or as a gift you can purchase it here.



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