Enjoying California Frozen Poppers

While exploring the valley last weekend my family and I were in search of a treat. We’d explored King Gillette and Paramount Ranches and it was time for a snack break. Luckily, I knew just the spot – California Frozen Poppers.  Just before Christmas, I had been sent a complimentary package of their tasty frozen popcorn. Yup, that’s frozen popcorn. When I first heard about this new concept I was a bit skeptical. Frozen? How’s that any better than regular popcorn?

California Frozen Poppers

I was sent three flavors to try – The Circus, Midnight Campfire and The Floating Cow. As instructed I popped the package into the freezer and waited for the popcorn to chill.


Soon enough it was ready to enjoy. The Floating Cow is a root beer float flavor. I don’t like root beer (I know, I know) so I can’t say I was a fan. But, it did taste just like a root beer float and I’m sure most folks would love it. Remember Circus Animal cookies? I’m a sucker for those. The Circus is a popcorn version and it’s quite tasty. My absolute favorite was the Midnight Campfire – marshmallow, graham and dark chocolate. It was SO good. As for the frozen part…it does make a difference! It brings an enhanced flavor to the popcorn and is a cool treat. Not to mention that it eliminates much of the stickiness associated with coated popcorn.

California Frozen Poppers can be ordered online and they also have a storefront in West Hills. Since we were in the valley last weekend I knew we had to stop.


So many flavors! Luckily, samples are available and we soon found ourselves trying them out. From chocolate to coconut to cinnamon to tropical there were so many to try. Going in I thought I’d buy one bag. Ummm….


Now, I must admit that’s my whole family’s order not just my own. But with a buy three get one free special we couldn’t help but indulge. AND you can get multiple flavors per bag. We tried everything from English toffee to pineapple coconut and it was all delicious. Frozen popcorn. Who’d have thought it’d be such a treat!

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  1. Ann February 1, 2016 at 6:33 pm

    That looks like a lot of fun! I may just have to give them a try; just not sure which one I’ll order first…
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