Enjoying a Drink at Sunset & Vinyl

I just love a hidden bar. Something about the secrecy and sense of exclusivity just appeals to me. Luckily, in LA we have an abundance of secret spots and, if inclined, I could visit one every day of the week. But there’s always room for more so I was pretty excited when I was invited to preview one of the city’s newest, Sunset & Vinyl.

Sunset & Vinyl is located in the heart of Hollywood at Sunset & Vine just up the stairs from 800 Degrees Pizzeria. Luckily, there’s no password or membership required. Just head towards the bathroom, go up the stairs and, voila, you’ve landed in a 70’s era crash pad. Albeit, one stocked with a vast selection of vinyl records of artists both past and present which will make up the soundtrack to your stay.

As much as I love music, my main focus was cocktails and the bar serves up a nice variety of hand crafted specialties created by Devon Espinosa.

I started with the On Repeat made with rye, earl grey tea, chartreuse and old fashioned bitters and it was fantastic. It had a sweet, slightly smoky flavor that offered a hint of cinnamon. It was the perfect drink to sit back and relax in the bar’s plush, earth-toned environs.

i finished with the Rich Mahogany made with bourbon, an allspice dram and Becherovka which, sadly, paled in comparison to my prior drink. The bourbon dominated the supporting flavors and there was a heavy dose of smokiness that was a bit too overpowering. Next time, I’ll just get a second round of the On Repeat.

With several other house specialties I’m looking forward to heading back and further exploring the menu. Add a delicious pizza from the shop below and it’s sure to be a groovy evening out.

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