Enjoying Drinks at The Lincoln

Lincoln Boulevard is one of the busiest stretches on the Westside. Populated with strip malls and fast food shops it’s long been a way to get from one place to another and not itself a destination. Lately, things have been changing and more unique establishments are populating the thoroughfare. Last week, I was invited to visit one of the newest – The Lincoln – and try out their cocktail menu.


This particular stretch of the boulevard is home to several auto dealers and The Lincoln is housed in a former body shop. As such, it has a classic decor with several homages to it’s former incarnation.

lincoln photo by Robert Stark

The bar has a low-key atmosphere and is quickly becoming the neighborhood hang out for local residents. The menu is eclectic featuring a nice selection of beer, wine and cocktails. There’s Coors Light on tap as well as a variety of offerings from craft breweries. The wine list features an array of coastal wines from all over the world from South Africa to Sonoma County. But let’s face it, I was there for neither beer nor wine as my drink of choice will always be a cocktail. Luckily, I was in good hands because the lead bartender, Cameron Dodge-White has put together a menu of creative concoctions.


The menu is seasonally based and will rotate throughout the year but one mainstay is the Boulevadier. With bourbon, campari, carpano and orange bitters it’s a stunning example of the classic cocktail. Slightly bitter it highlights the bourbon flavor and was the perfect drink to start.


The Hot Route features mezcal, cucumber, lime, a watermelon shrub and smoked salt. The shrub is made in house using fresh ingredients. It’s served with smoked salt on only one side to provide a unique drinking experience – a sip from each side of the glass provides a different flavor sensation. When I tried it with the salt it was hearty and earthy but when I tried it without the salt it was light and refreshing.


Grandpa Cal’s Old Tyme Cure-All is perhaps the most personal drink on Dodge-White’s menu. It’s named after his grandfather who’s home cure was a bit of whiskey and b&b. This version has whiskey, b&b, lemon, cinnamon honey and earl grey.  The b&b and the cinnamon honey/early grey syrup are made in house and it maked all the difference.The ingredients perfectly blend to make a delicious, dare I say, restorative drink.


The Menthylamine is a frothy concoction of gin, mint, egg white, lime and ferment. Light and airy it’s a delicious yet dangerous drink. With it’s subtle mint flavor it goes down easy and before you know it you’ve had one too many. I quickly downed the whole drink and was wishing I could have another. It was a delicious end to my tour through The Lincoln’s cocktail menu. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the summer.

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