Enjoying Espresso at Spazio Caffe

Man, I love a good espresso drink. Back in the day I used to hate coffee. But then I discovered espresso and all the amazing drinks made from it. Lattes, Mochas, Macchiatos…I love them all! Recently I was invited by Tastemade to enjoy an evening of hand crafted espresso drinks from Spazio Caffe and what an evening it was!

Spazio Caffe

Spazio Caffe has two locations in Southern California – Santa Monica and Venice. These are actually the first two locations in the US – you’ll find the rest scattered all over the globe. Spazio originated in Italy so you know they’ve got this espresso concept down!

I made sure my sister and fellow espresso enthusiast, Shannon, came with me that night (you can read her review here). We met at the Venice location and were immediately greeted by this impressive menu.

Spazio Caffe

So much to choose from…how were we to decide? We opted to divide and conquer. I went for the Shaké and she chose the Marocco.

Shake Marocco

Aren’t they things of beauty? And they tasted heavenly! The Shaké had cold espresso and vanilla cream while the Marocco had espresso and hot chocolate. Mmm, mmm, mmm.

Now, Spazio Caffe may be all about the drinks but they do have a full menu of breakfasts, sandwiches, and salads. We were lucky enough to have the head chef prepare a frittata for us.


Oh, WOW! It was so incredibly delicious and was the perfect cap to our evening. Or would have been if we hadn’t decided to order a second round of drinks. How could we not with that beautiful menu staring at us?


Hot Chocolate

Shannon went for the Baciami – espresso in a Nutella lined glass – and I opted for the Hot Chocolate con Gelato. Oh man. So chocolately, so creamy, so delicious!


Spazio Caffe

245 Main Street

Venice, CA 90291

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