Enjoying Summer Treats at Ruby’s Diner

Well, Memorial Day has passed and it seems summer has arrived. I must admit, it’s not my favorite time of year. Despite living in Southern California I don’t care for the beach and I certainly don’t care for the heat. But I do like a good summery treat like ice cream, a milkshake and really anything grilled. Recently, I was invited to Ruby’s Diner to sample their new summer treats and happily made my way over there.

I don’t eat at chains a lot but I have a special spot in my heart for Ruby’s. It’s been a hangout since I was a teen, I love the retro decor and the food is pretty darn tasty! I’m especially partial to the chili cheese fries but I also love exploring the menu. This summer Ruby’s has a limited edition trio of sliders that I was happy to try out.


There’s the American topped with grilled onions and Ruby sauce, the Southwest with cajun spice, salsa, pepper jack cheese, chipotle mayo and hot sauce and the Hickory with cheddar cheese, onion rings, bbq sauce, Ruby sauce and bacon. All tasty in their own way but my absolute favorite is the Hickory. I don’t know what it is but a burger topped with an onion ring and some bbq sauce makes my day.

To accompany the sliders Ruby’s is also offering a trio of limited edition shakes.


They’re calling it the Candy Shake Extravaganza and it includes Butterfinger, Snickers Peanut Butter and M&M shakes. Now I’m usually an M&M nut but my favorite of this trio is the Butterfinger. The chocolate toffee flavor makes for a delicious milkshake.

To celebrate summer Ruby’s is holding a Show us your Rubys Shake Face contest. When you order a milkshake be sure to take a picture of yourself enjoying it and upload it to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with #RubysShakeFace. You could win a GO City card for San Diego or LA!

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