Enjoying the Taste Crafted Menu at McDonald’s

Awhile back I introduced you to the Create Your Taste concept at McDonald’s. I had a lot of fun building my own burger and was curious to see what other new tricks the famous chain had up their sleeve. Turns out they’re taking the creative burger concept and running with it as now you can find Taste Crafted Burgers and Chicken Sandwiches all over SoCal. These burgers have four flavors that are far from traditional – Pico Guacamole, Maple Bacon Dijon, Buffalo Bacon and Deluxe. McDonald’s invited me to give them a whirl so I grabbed my closest buds (who just so happen to be McDonald’s aficionados) and we headed on over.



The fun part about Tasted Crafted is that you get to choose your protein, your bun and your flavor. I opted for grilled chicken, a brioche bun and the Pico Guacamole flavor.

Pico Guacamole Burger McDonald's

My friends both opted for the Buffalo Bacon flavor although one opted for the burger and a brioche bun while the other went for the chicken with a potato roll.

IMG_1679 IMG_1682

We chowed down on our meals and then discussed what we thought and it was unanimous – we all were impressed. I’m not a big fan of the McDonald’s burger patty and I found the grilled chicken to be a good alternative to it. My sandwich was topped with Pico de gallo, guacamole and sour cream and the flavors went really well with the chicken. It was a little salty but not too much to make it inedible and it’s something that could easily be fixed. Both of my friends really like the Buffalo Bacon option. They said the sauce was especially flavorful and they would definitely order it in the future.

Personally, I’m really enjoying the new flavors McDonald’s is introducing. I like that they’re open to change and slowly introducing new concepts to their restaurants. I’m curious to see what the future brings.

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