Everything’s Coming Up Roses at Exposition Park Rose Garden

Awhile back I had the perfect post about Fall flowers in Exposition Park. I was excited to share the beauty I had seen at the rose garden but then life got in the way. Before I knew it it was winter and my perfect post was out of date. But as I sit here on yet another rainy day in one of the gloomiest Januaries in recent years I realize it was fate that kept me from writing about the roses those months ago. What better way to brighten up a gloomy period that a bunch of pretty flowers?

In 1928 the Exposition Park Rose Garden was founded and quickly become a popular place to wander around. Located adjacent to the Natural History Museum and a stone’s throw from the USC campus it was the perfect spot to spend a sunny SoCal day.

exposition park rose garden

Over the years the garden flourished but that didn’t stop the closure threats.

In fact, in 1986 there were plans to dig it up and replace it with a parking garage. Seriously. These beautiful flowers were to be replaced by concrete and gas guzzlers.

Luckily, the public got wind of the plans and firmly opposed them. In 1991 the garden was placed on the Nation Register of Historic Places and remains an LA landmark to this day.

At this moment the garden is closed through March for its yearly maintenance. When it reopens it will be open daily with the perfect price of admission – absolutely free.

So be sure to stop in and smell the roses.




  1. Perfectly lovely and fragrant for a cool winter day.
    I can feel spring thanks to you.

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