Experiencing the all-new Chrysler Pacifica

What’s a gal to do when she’s invited to breakfast with Chrysler on the day she has jury duty? That happened to me recently and I was super bummed I couldn’t make it. Luckily, my pal Mary from Along Comes Mary was able to cover for me and share all the details. Take it away, Mary!

I think any of us who own a vehicle develop some kind of affection to it, no? If you are like me (especially if you also live in a busy city), you spend an awful lot of time in it, and, definitely get into a groove. Favorite radio stations, unique trinkets or a stash of half drank water bottles. I know for me it’s like a second office!

I have only had two cars in my nine years driving. My second that I got in 2009, I am still driving today. My 2004 Chrysler Pacifica. So, naturally, I was extremely excited when LA Explorer asked me if I would like to head out to The LA Auto Show for a rise and shine breakfast with Chrysler!


While several people don’t think my Pacifica screams, “Mary”, it could be because I did not pick out this car myself; when my Aunt passed away in 2009, it was passed down to me. Me, a person who has always been extremely afraid to operate SUV’s and never thought she’d own one.

But, The Pacifica is different. There is a reason why it was the first vehicle to be a “3 in 1”. Never have I once felt like if I over-correct, I could get hurt. Never have I had to turn down transporting something rather large if need be. I can accommodate up to 5 people, and it’s the perfect getaway car (not that I have ever done one…yet) and, despite the fact it is a larger vehicle, it does not really seem that large to handle. When I got my Pacifica, you can only imagine these new “advanced” features it had to me: Seat warmers, automatic trunk opener, and…wait for it, a CD/DVD player. I felt so fancy!

Well, now I can REALLY feel fancy should I decide to upgrade to the new Pacifica. It is back and better than ever. Now available as a hybrid The Pacifica continues to deliver all the goodness of an SUV while classified as a minivan it its new year.

Held annually at The Los Angeles Convention Center, The LA Auto Show is the place to be for a week of the hottest new cars on the market, prototypes and some pretty sweet vintage babies, too.

When I arrived for Chrysler’s food truck breakfast (And plenty of Starbucks coffee), I was eager to visit with them and get a sneak peek at their all-new Pacifica: the famous SUV-Minivan-Sedan-in-One that retired in 2005, and has made a spankin’ comeback for 2016.

2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid (The new Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid. Photo: Courtesy of Chrysler.)

Warmly greeted by everyone’s favorite car spokespeople, The PacifiKids, they took me on a little tour and demonstration to experience just how awesome and far The Pacifica has come. All I have to say is: The Pacifica has come FAR!

Beyond just exceptionally designed vehicles, the Chrysler brand has incorporated thoughtful features into all of its products, such as the innovative center console with pass through storage and sliding cup holders in the Chrysler 200, the industry-exclusive Stow ‘n Go seating and storage system on the Chrysler Pacifica, and, of course, my favorite “fancy” features: CD/DVD players 😉

To learn more about Chrysler brand and all of their outstanding vehicles, visit http://www.chrysler.com.

(Mary Lansing is the Editor of the popular LA lifestyle and travel blog, Along Comes Mary. When she is not keeping busy with her Social Media Managing business, you can find her out exploring all Southern California has to offer, or off on a trip! Visit her on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.)

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