Exploring the Wine List at Ayara Thai

In the past, when I thought of Westchester I thought of LAX and…that’s about it. I didn’t think about dining and I certainly didn’t think about Thai food. Until recently. I was invited to a dinner to try out the new wine list at Ayara Thai a family restaurant in the heart of Westchester and I discovered some of the best Thai food I’ve ever had.

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It was my first visit to Ayara Thai and I soon learned the restaurant is quite popular with locals and travelers alike. How had I missed it before?

The dinner was celebrating the launch of the restaurant’s new wine list prepared by Sommelier Courtney Walsh. Each wine has been hand selected to pair with the traditional Thai food Ayara offers.  There is a nice variety of reds and whites with the addition of a rose and a sparkling. The wines are mostly California grown and all are from small prodcers. I loved the uniqueness of the wines and they way they complimented the food. Sparking wine is my weakness so I had a particular fondness for the Tubullent Gamay. I also loved the Harrington Carignane, a delicious red.

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As for the food – extraordinary. I’d thought I’d had good Thai food in the past…

IMG_8525 (800x600) Ayara ThaiAyara ThaiAyara ThaiAyara Thai

This is but a selection of the deliciousness that was offered to us. My absolute favorite dish is the one just above – Chicken Kra Tiem. Roasted garlic, pepper, and cilantro gave it a flavor that was out of this world.  So much so that I was craving it the next day. Heck! I’m craving it right now. Forget LAX. Westchester is all about Ayara Thai.

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