Getting a Quick Facial At Skin Laundry

skin laundry

When it comes to beauty treatment I am woefully lacking in the necessary skills to pull it off. I’m all thumbs. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like to get pampered. I love it. I just can never seem to get it together.

Recently, I was approached by Skin Laundry and was offered a free facial. They didn’t need to ask me twice! So, one bright winter day I headed on down to Fashion Island to give it a whirl. Confession time: it was my very first facial.

Skin Laundry is a new concept that offers a different approach to the facial – it’s done in 10 minutes. Yup, just 10 minutes and you’ve had a full beauty treatment for your face. How is it done? With lasers and lights. Seriously, I went all out for my first facial!

skin laundry

Skin Laundry accepts walk ins but you can also schedule an appointment ahead of time. My visit was scheduled so when I entered they were already waiting for me. Since it was my first appointment I had to fill out a brief questionaire on an IPad (high tech, all the way!) to make sure I was in the best shape for the facial (not under dermatological care, taking certain meds, etc.). After I was given the all clear I had a brief wait in their lovely lobby.

skin laundry waiting area waiting area

Before I knew it, I was whisked away to the posh treatment room where I was attended to by the friendly technicians. Unfortunately, I’ve got no pictures of me undergoing the treatment (darn’t!). Basically, I settled into the plush chair and was given some goggles. Then my face was treated with a laser. It wasn’t painful at all just a little warm and prickly. Then some goo was smeared over my face and it was treated with a light. After that my face was moisturized and I was good to go! Easy peasy!

As I headed to my car after the appointment, all I could think was “my skin feels awesome!” It was so soft and clean. I loved it.

Skin Laundry has locations in Santa Monica, West Hollywood and Newport Beach.

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