Having a Treat at Tout Sweet

After our awesome Hitchcock tour we found ourselves in Union Square smack dab in front of Macy’s. Now ordinarily when on vacation I avoid chains like the plague. What’s the point of going somewhere different if you’re just going to visit the same places you do at home? But this Macy’s is different because inside is located the patisserie Tout Sweet.

Tout Sweet is owned by a team that includes Yigit Pura, a former Top Chef contestant. It’s a modern space filled with bold colors and elegant desserts. There are several take home items including some delicious, delicious meringues that I devoured before taking a picture.
 There’s also a pastry case filled with beautiful, decadent desserts.
Tout Sweet

It was so hard to choose!

Having a taste for something light and refreshing I decided to get the lemon tart.

As you can see the tart is topped with a homemade marshmallow. The flavor? Passionfruit. Oh man! Why hasn’t this been a marshmallow flavor before? So yummy. And the tart was deliciously refreshing.

I guess sometimes a stop at Macy’s isn’t so bad after all.

Tout Sweet in Macy’s Union Square
Geary Street entrance, 3rd Floor
170 O’Farrell
San Francisco, CA 94102

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  1. Rebecca Rider June 20, 2013 at 5:38 pm

    Oooo, those look delicious!!! I love passion fruit!

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