Long Beach Landmark – A Visit To the Bembridge House

As you’ve probably figured out by now I’m partial to historic homes. I just love visiting them. It’s like stepping into the past – you see the world as it once was and you gain knowledge of history. It’s so fascinating.

When I heard there was a historic home open to the public in Long Beach I was super excited. Long Beach is one of my very favorite cities and much of it has to do with the historic architecture that abounds within its limits. To be able to step inside one of these homes would be a real treat. So the other day I took a drive to the very edge of the city to visit the Bembridge House.

The Bembridge House is located in the Willmore City/Drake Park Historic District – one of the last neighborhoods of Long Beach before the LA Harbor. When the district was founded in the early 1900’s it was the place for the elite of the city. Large Victorian mansions abounded. In the approximately 100 years since it’s founding the area has undergone quite the transformation. Many of the houses have been replaced by modern apartment buildings and the economic level of the inhabitants is much lower. But there are still beautiful houses and the jewel of the neighborhood is the Bembridge House.
What makes the house extra special is that it was the home of Dorothy Bembridge from 1919 until her death in 1999. Since it had only one occupant for 80 years the home continued as single family residence and much of the family’s personal effects were saved. The home is maintained just as it was in Dorothy’s time. All items contained within belonged to her and it appears just as it did during her lifetime.
Isn’t it amazing? Touring the house feels as if you’re simply stopping by for a visit. And the grounds are equally lovely, complete with a carriage house and garden.

It’s such a beautiful property. I’m so glad that it remains to this day and that for a mere $5 anyone can view it.

Bembridge House
953 North Park Circle Drive
Long Beach, CA 90813
tours available Tuesdays and every 3rd Saturday at 1:30 and 2:30pm
admission $5

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