Mama loves mambo…

and I love Mambo Sprouts! Living in California, eating organic is practically a requirement, but it’s so darn expensive, that I don’t buy it as often as I’d like. Enter Mambo Sprouts. It’s a website that offers money saving coupons for many organic brands. I’ll often print out some coupons, take them over to my local Sprouts and snag some bargains on some awesome stuff. As a bonus, Sprouts will often have Mambo Sprouts (ok, I just noticed they have similar names, but I don’t think they’re connected) coupon books available by the entrance or checkout (added savings? Score!). No Sprouts near you? Click here to find out if your local store carries them. As an added bonus, Mambo Sprouts also has a newsletter you can sign up for to have deals delivered straight to your inbox. Now, I wouldn’t often endorse company newsletters and they are mostly e-junk mail, but I do recommend this one. Why? You ask? Two words, free stuff. Occasionally they’ll email a survey and as an incentive, a free item will be provided upon completion. So far, I’ve been able to snag a full size organic sunscreen and two packages of organic chocolate chips. Totally worth the few minutes of my time. So check it out, and maybe those organic products won’t be so expensive after all.

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