Noshing on Nintendo Themed Treats at Yogurtland

I love the many adventures I get to go on but they’re so much better when I get to share them with those I love. Sadly, some of my favorite folks live on the other side of the country and I only get to see them a couple times a year. But we try to make the most of it and take advantage of the time when we’re together. Recently, my two little buddies came out to visit and I, of course, had to take them out for a special treat. Luckily, I was sent some gift cards from Yogurtland to try out their latest Nintendo themed flavors. Now, my two pals had never been there before so we headed over for dessert.


This summer Yogurtland is celebrating all things Nintendo with themed bowls, spoons and flavors. Through September different flavors named after Nintendo characters will debut weekly and on our visit we had a few to choose from. Mario’s Chocolate Gelato, Bowser’s Dragon Berry Tart, Toad’s Rocky Road and Yoshi’s Honeydew were on the menu. Since it was my buddies first time their mom agreed to let them choose whatever they wanted and I think they just about tried every flavor and topping!


I made sure to try Mario’s Chocolate Gelato and topped with sprinkles it was pretty darn tasty. Yogurtland was the perfect spot to take the boys and they had a blast. I think it may become our new hangout every time they come to visit.


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