We are Living Social

I know I’ve talked at length about the awesomeness that is Groupon, but did ya know there are more voucher sites out there. That’s a silly question. Of course you do. How could you not with the constant barrage of emails and adds touting their bounties of savings. But have no fear for I am here. Rather than letting you try to comb through the flotsam solo I’ll be giving you tips on the best sites out there. And today’s site is…Living Social!

Ok, first off, every time I see the words “Living Social” the Living Single theme song starts popping in my head.  Can’t you hear it? “We are Li-Ving So-Cial…” Come on! I can’t be the only one!

Anyway…I’ve used Living Social multiple times and it’s always worked out great for me. And recently I scored a deal that was just incredible. A few weeks back they advertised a $20 voucher to Whole Foods for $10. Whole Foods! Not some local burger joint or gym but big, giant Whole Foods. Now you know I love me some Whole Foods so I snapped that baby right up.

Like Groupon, you pay the $10 in advance and print out a coupon. Also, like Groupon the deal is only available for a limited time, usually 24 hours. So, unfortunately you can’t run out and grab this particular deal. But, with luck it’ll roll around again someday. And then you’ll be ready!

So, last week I finally decided to use the voucher. And what deals did I find! Check it out!

Guess how much I paid for all this! Lower. No, lower. Yup, $18! $8 out of my pocket and $10 for the voucher. Not too shabby! Before coupons and the voucher my total was $48! (Now, if you haven’t already, you can read about coupon savings at Whole Foods here).

So, head on over to Living Social and check out the deals in your area!

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