Quick Tip #2 – Join the (E)Club!

Does your inbox contain more messages from brands you shop at at than from people you know? I know mine certainly does. How did that happen? When I opened my email account many moons ago, it was specifically to communicate with friends and family. Now I rarely get a personal message and instead am inundated with email after email advising me of the last sale at such and such store. I regularly unsubscribed from these list but there’s a few I make sure to keep because they actually send me decent stuff. And by decent stuff I mean coupons. And today I though I’d share a few of the restaurant options with you so can start saving too –

Peet’s Coffee – If you’re a coffee addict this is the one for you. They regularly email coupons for their drinks – sometimes $1 off, sometimes buy 1 get one free…this week I got a coupon for a free medium drink with an oatmeal purchase. The oatmeal cost me $2.75 and I got a $4.10 mocha for free. Now I like that!

Mimi’s Cafe – I love, love, love their breakfasts! So, I was pretty happy to find out that when you sign up for their eClub you automatically get a coupon for a free one. Yum! And it doesn’t stop there, they regularly send buy one get one free or 50% off coupons. That’s a pretty good discount.

Haagen-Dazs Shops – Now their club has a cute name – Ice Cream Social. When you sign up you’ll start getting coupons to use in their ice cream shops. This week I received one for a free sundae. Totally free! Do you know how much their sundaes are? They’re not cheap, I can tell you that.


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