Heritage On the Hill – Strolling Through Orange County’s Heritage Hill

I just love happening upon something.I’m just going about my day and then see something interesting and decide “how bout I stop and check it out.” It’s those little bursts of spontaneity that make life exciting. Last week while running an errand in Lake Forest I happened upon a historic landmark sign. Done with my task I decided to follow the sign and see where it led. Soon I found myself at Heritage Hill, a small historic park.

Heritage Hill is a quaint park operated by OC Parks. Oddly, it is located in a corner of a shopping center. Park your car, walk up some steps, and suddenly you’re surrounded by buildings that are about 100 years older than any of the shops in the center.

The park houses several historic buildings including the El Toro School House

Isn’t it so cute! I kind of wish my old classrooms looked like it.

St. George’s Episcopal Mission

Harvey Bennett Ranch House

and the Serrano Adobe.

Most buildings are open to the public and offer glimpses into Orange County’s past. There’s also a small trail that encircles the park where you can find some cute historic touches
and some lovely greenery.
All in all, it’s a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

Heritage Hill Historical Park
25151 Serrano Road
Lake Forest, CA 92630
open 9am-5pm Wed-Sun
admission free!

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