Ti Amo Patsy D’Amore’s

This weekend I was able to visit one of my very favorite places in Southern California. No, not Disneyland (although I do love that too). I went to the Farmer’s Market!

Words cannot express how much I love this place. An institution since 1934 the LA Farmer’s Market is a wonderland of food. With stalls serving dishes from all over the globe, the only problem is figuring out where to eat. Well, yesterday I had no trouble because I was in the mood for my favoritest pizza in all of the Southland – Patsy D’Amore’s.

This spot was founded by Patsy D’Amore himself. A pizza expert from good old NYC he brought his expertise to Los Angeles in 1939 and opened this stall 10 years later. Although no longer with us, his family still runs the place.

Now, with all that expertise you would think that Patsy D’Amore’s would serve one good pizza slice. And brother (or sister) you would be right! Thin, browned crust, not too sweet tomato sauce, and just the right amount of hot, molten cheese – mmm, mmm, mmm. Just look at it!

Doesn’t that look like two slices? But it’s not, it’s just one. And it’s soft and floppy, just right for folding it up and taking a big bite. Oh man! Thank goodness I already ate lunch…or else I might be abandoning this post for a quick run to the Farmer’s Market.

This slice cost me $3.60. For the best pizza around, that’s a pretty good price to me!

Oh, and another reason I love Patsy D’Amore’s? This picture –

There’s my Frankie with Mr. D’Amore. They were pals and once owned a restaurant together, the Villa Capri. Love it!

Now, before you rush to the Farmer’s Market to grab your own slice stay tuned for tomorrow’s post where I’ll be telling you all about a great dessert to have as a capper to this delicious meal.

Patsy D’Amore’s Pizza
located in the Farmer’s Market at the Corner of Fairfax and 3rd
6333 W. 3rd Street, Suite 448
Los Angeles, CA 90036

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